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Pet Stain Cleaning

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pet stain cleaning

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

The EcoVac Pet Stain Cleaning process is sure to get your carpet looking like new again.

Pet urine is 90% water and 10% solids like uric acid and salts. The solids absorb moisture from the air and this is why the urine odor is stronger in the summer or when the area gets wet. Urine can cause a color change in the carpet fibers which can become permanent if the urine is not removed promptly while still wet. Fortunately EcoVac has a lot of experience removing pet stains from carpet and upholstery. Our Pet stain cleaning techniques are proven and we are able to remove pet stains in the majority of cases. If you would like us to remove a pet stain from your carpet or upholstery please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

Our Pet Stain Cleaning Process

For Large Pet Stains

We treat the pet stain from the top down. We use a urine pre-treatment solution specifically formulated for pet stains. We allow it to soak in and decontaminate the area for 30 minutes. We then extract the pet stain and clean the carpet. The odors will be neutralized during the pretreatment process.

For Smaller Pet Stains

From the top down we treat with a urine pre-treatment by using a syringe to inject the solution down into the padding where it can do its job. We then let it sit for 20 minutes. We then extract the pet stain and clean as usual. The odors will be neutralized during the pretreatment process. Both methods work well and take care of most pet stains.

Odor Removal

Unpleasant odors naturally happen in are home. Either from are pets or even us! Upholstery and carpet are fibers that will absorb odors over time and could become unpleasant and embarrassing. Eco-Vac can help by deodorizing and eliminating fowl odors. When the job is done you'll have professionally cleaned carpet and upholstery that smells fresh and pleasant.

We Use Green Cleaning Agents That Are Safe For Your Family and Pets. We Never Use Harsh Chemicals and Use A Non-Toxic Process.


Our cleaning solutions are 99.8% biodegradable and contain biodegradable matter that returns to compounds found in nature.


Does not contain any petroleum distillates, butyl, ammonium hydroxide or phosphates.

Environmentally Friendly

We use products that are capable of decomposing back into natural elements.

No Carcinogens

No Cancer causing compounds or toxic cleaners.

No Harsh Fumes

No harsh fumes to trigger asthma or any other related breathing conditions.

Safe For Chemical Sensitivties & Allergies

Products used will not cause skin irritation, skin rashes, headaches, nausea, or strong irritating odors.

What Our Customers Say

I never realized how dirty my rug was until EcoVac came to clean it. The difference was unbelievable. Now my rug looks like new again. The service was amazing; they know exactly what kind of care my rug needed.

John F.
Area Rug Cleaning

Thank you Scott for your fast and thorough work. The house looks and smells great. I will make sure to recommend you to my clients and friends.

Bob L.
Green Carpet Cleaning

I was very pleased with the cleaning provided by EcoVac Carpet Cleaning. They were polite and efficient and all stains were completely removed. I would use this company again and would recommend them to friends.

Carol M.
Green Carpet Cleaning

Scott from EcoVac Carpet Cleaning did a fantastic job! He was super friendly and quoted me the lowest price around. He did not charge any extras and even cleaned my kitchen rug for free. Thanks EcoVac!

Roberta B.
Green Carpet Cleaning

EcoVac did a fantastic cleaning my sofa and loveseat. They were timely, efficient and left my upholstery looking practically new. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!

Robert O.
Upholstery Cleaning

EcoVac was a life saver! I got a dog a few months back and had multiple pee stains on my apartment carpet. I was afraid I would lose my security deposit. After EcoVac cleaned the stains the carpet looks like new again! Thanks EcoVac!

Melissa L.
Pet Stain Cleaning

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